In order to deepen the reflections started at Transformer Montréal 2016, the collective put forward themes that can help propel the movement concretely forward. These themes enable us to look further in specific directions, but they must not divert us from our broader objective of developing democratic enterprises in all sectors of the economy!

Transforming Sharing: Presented by Desjardins and Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada, this theme explores cooperative platforms as a way of reorienting the future of our relationship to the Internet. A technological revolution is underway, supported by a new wave of digital platforms. Big multinational players try to take ownership of the “sharing” economy, but we can not let them. Technologies can make possible a real sharing of wealth, provided that their property is equally shared! Join us to build a cooperative transformation of the internet!

Transforming Groceries: Actions that are locally anchored and globally ambitious are needed to transform our food systems. Examples exist here and around the world. Just like in France, the current enthusiasm in Quebec is palpable. It’s time to take action! Join us to kick start the creation of new co-operative grocery stores using the Park Slope Food Co-op model, and to accelerate the creation of a truly democratic food system in Montreal!

Transforming Freelancing: Working alone is not always easy. Several factors are contributing to the growth of precarious freelance work around the world, and to the increasing precariousness of work in general. Through collective organization, we can help reverse the most alienating and disempowering aspects of self-employment and build an economy that leaves no one behind!