WHAT? : Transform Montréal 2017: Disrupt and democratize the Economy is the second annual social and solidarity entrepreneurship celebration and conference that brings together dynamic forces of social and economic transformation in Montreal.

AIM : to encourage and steer the acceleration and development of a regenerative socioeconomic model by shining light on North Stars that inspire the creation of new and ambitious social enterprises in all sectors of the economy, and through creating utility for existing organizations.

WHY? : To think beyond what exists, to think together through the silos of our sectors, and to start building a world beyond our current economic system. To solve collective problems collectively, to build a new transformative framework, and to specifically encourage democratic economic enterprise, within an approach of group empowerment and bottom-up movement-building for the long-term. To further solidify networks of support within the broader community of like-minded people working towards these goals.

HOW? A convergence of three key components of structural and transformative change:

  1. Speakers & revolutionary keynotes from inspiring, high-impact, and innovative democratic commercial organizations from Montreal and around the world.
  2. Local collective/social entrepreneurs, community organizers and activists, Montreal social economy actors, and action-oriented students!
  3. Skill building and capacity building workshops, as well as sector-specific workshops.